Nothing is more important to the survival of America than the protection, nurturing and care of our children. Without them, the human race ceases to exist. How they are reared determines what kind of adults they become. As adults, we must shield our young from the onslaught of physical abuse and mental indoctrination preying on them today.  Help US Help THEM


To provide parents and communities with the information required to recognize child trafficking and all forms of neglect and abuse in our neighborhoods and provide the legal tools to do something about it at the local, state and national level. Please Join US.


Our Country Our Children is conducting a nationwide online survey on child trafficking and child abuse abuse. Every person in America is invited to participate and help us gather information on trafficking hotspots that can result in investigations and legal action. OCOC also provides evidenced-based information, acts as a platform to share peoples experiences and knowledge, and networks actively with like minded citizens and organizations.  OCOC’s backbone are its supporters and we are only as strong as our Members base, so please join us.


Our Country Our Choice LLC was established by a group of ordinary American citizens who refuse to stand idly by as our nation declines.
Most of us are parents, and many of us hold strong Christian values.

We share a deep love for our country and its remarkable people. Our unwavering commitment is to secure a brighter future for all of America’s children, ensuring they have the same opportunities we have cherished. Our movement exists solely to serve the interests of the American people, a cause that resides deeply in our hearts. Currently, all our funding comes from our founding members. We do not have vast financial resources, and much of our work is carried out by volunteers. Nonetheless, we believe that if the American people unite in large numbers, we can reverse the decline and restore American greatness.

Dr. Juliette M. Engel, MD

Dr. Juliette Engel moved to Moscow in 1999 and founded the Angel Coalition to combat human trafficking.

Over the next ten years, the Angel Coalition grew into an underground railroad that assisted hundreds of thousands of victims. She also co-founded Moscow’s municipal orphanage staff training center, Women and Children First, and a nationwide program of community center support for single mothers, the Babushka Brigade.


"Death of the pursuit of happiness"

By Greg Taylor and Mary Otto-Chang HBA, MES. PhD (Candidate)

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