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The Devil’s Hand:

By Greg Taylor and Mary Otto-Chang HBA, MES. PhD (Candidate)

Governments are saying – “Let Your Child Say Yes Please” to Euthanasia

Euthanasia or suicide by doctor has been available for many years in many countries including Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, and Colombia, with the number growing each year. Many other countries allow for assisted suicide that does not include the active role of the doctor to, for example, physically and lethally inject the patient.  

Originally, the reasoning behind euthanasia and assisted suicide was to allow a terminally ill person to choose a dignified way to die. However, increasingly, legislation is being introduced that provides a less rigid framework within which somebody can choose to die at their physician’s hand. More worrying still is the trend to allow and – even encourage – children to choose euthanasia in many of these countries, with many more nations coming on board, as the Globalists’ Agendas continue to stamp their founders’ evil and empirical footprints upon civilization. 

In recent years, the poster child for euthanasia has been Canada. Stories abound of the active role of the government to encourage citizens to choose suicide by doctor. For example, Christine Gauthier, a veteran and a former Paralympics athlete was offered euthanasia as an alternative to waiting for a wheelchair lift to be installed in her home. Other stories include a mother who was called “selfish” for not wishing her young child suffering from spina bifida to be euthanized by the state. Another involves a gentleman who was cajoled into being killed by his doctor because he had hearing loss. Many such true stories abound, but Canada is not alone.

Gone are the days when euthanasia was the choice for terminally ill people who wanted a dignified exit. Theologically speaking, even that, an originally well intended action, was pushing beyond the boundaries of what is written in not only the Christian Scriptures, but those of most Human belief systems throughout history.  Biblical scholars note that Humans are always dignified in the eyes of the Creator, and that to assist in the last breath of anyone, is not the providence of Humankind, but rather of nature, or powers beyond us. “Thou Shalt not Kill”, should give us a hint.   And yet in these days of darkness, the monstrous reasons that some countries allow euthanasia can include autism, disability, old age, depression, loneliness, dementia and even being poor. 

Why has there been a definite increase in the desire of the state in recent years to kill off its citizens? Certainly, money plays a significant part. It is far cheaper to euthanize someone than it is to continue to provide expensive healthcare for many months or even years. Other reasons put forward have included the harvesting of organs. Plus major profits, kickbacks, for many.

However, the – now captured –  helm of the originally more decent, United Nations, has, as of 2019, partnered with a sugar daddy, the World Economic Forum.  The WEF, who is in the lead, as money bags, has the Malthusian desire for both human depopulation, as well as shaping up transhumanism into a post humanistic world, as their key project – the 4th Industrial Revolution takes hold.    

As Yuval Noah Harari, chief advisor to Klaus Schwab at the WEF says, humans will go from the working class to the “useless class”, which for now is being managed mainly by “drugs and video games”.  

The WEF and the Global Elites simply do not need us, and do not wish us to continue to spoil their ecosystems, their unspoilt playgrounds, games parks and beaches. They and their left leaning followers, including many in western governments, will seemingly welcome depopulation via unrestricted abortion, free range and government encouraged hard drug use, virtual lives where one does not procreate, contaminated food and water, violence, child grooming and trafficking, encouragement of LBGTQ+, various irregular vaccines and medicines, and, of course the trending  plat du jour, euthanasia.

Yet, it is the attack on children – when it comes to euthanasia –  that is so far beyond emotive, that there may be no word as yet created to describe the wrath in the unparalleled human instinct to protect the young – at – all – costs – and – no – matter – what. 

The sheer lack of humanity and morality in the arguments to allow children – at times of any age –  to choose their own death by doctor, is also beyond astounding. We now have leaders in the Western World, both elected and unelected such as Klaus Schwab, that  – at best, and being most generous to them,  – lack the slightest scintilla of decency on a subject of such profoundness, the death – and at times actually the murder – of a child. 

Of course, euthanasia is not the only issue facing children in recent times. Connected is also Covid 19, which was a huge upheaval for the young with severe disruption to their mental and physical wellbeing despite them being the class of people less likely to be impacted by the virus. The interruption to education and the lack of socializing, parental stress and many times divorce, has seen significant decline in their mental health. Of course, depression can be a reason for a child to elect to be euthanized. Was this part of the Global Elite’s plan?

We also should not forget the role that the mRNA vaccine has played. The Covid 19 vaccine has the highest rate of fatal adverse effect of any vaccine on the market. Following the introduction of the vaccine at the beginning of 2021 Scott Davison, CEO of life insurance company OneAmerica, said at an online press conference “we are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business”.  The year of 2021 also saw a huge spike in miscarriages and still births attributed to the vaccine. Rates of myocarditis in young adults soared. Adverse events are to be expected to some degree but the extent to which the Covid 19 vaccine led to death, miscarriages, still births and ongoing disabilities is unprecedented. 

There is a trend for death in the West. Depopulation is upon us. The latest push for euthanasia, especially in children, must be considered in that context. 

Each country has different rules when it comes to child euthanasia. Holland, for example, once only allowed euthanasia for children from 12 – 15 but with the consent of the parent. However, that has since been extended to include, for some reason, children from one to twelve.  Children 16 and 17 years of age can request euthanasia without parental consent.  Again the word evil does not suffice.

In Belgium, subject to strict medical reasoning, there is no minimum age applied to euthanasia. A child must have the ability to understand what is happening and the parents must provide written consent. 

In Canada, parental consent seems to be less rigid a concern. The beyond-uber liberal approach to children seems to be far more in line with Chairman Moa Zedong’s, China where the state knew what was best for the kids and parental rights did not exist.  This was also a place and time where one child laws encouraged abortion and infanticide, especially femicide, as male children were often preferred. 

Childhood can be traumatic. There are many hurdles to overcome on the road to adulthood. It is not an easy path to tread. For some it is more difficult. For the sensitive and vulnerable, the goverment may now provide a quick off ramp via euthanasia. What is more, the state will seemingly encourage you to take that option. 

As with transgender issues, the child is seemingly in charge and parental interference in the child’s rights is not always welcome. In some places, parents are now criminally charged too for daring to prevent their young child to start his or her transition or to go to sleep forever. The indoctrination camps, known as schools, in these Globalist occupied territories, will soon be in line and in lock step, dishing out propaganda. Perhaps they will offer up an adapted version of Sleeping Beauty – where the normal and healthy angst of growing up is seen as something intolerable, and where sleeping forever seems glamourous and comforting.  

Chillingly, Canada merely requires that a child be “considered mature”, irrespective of age, to consent to euthanasia. Informed consent has been watered down and a doctor, influenced aka given money and or other favors, by the government, can now subjectively decide that your child has sufficient mental faculty to decide to die.  So soon, in Canada, the school will simply inform the parents that the reason their child is not returning from school that afternoon is because the child decided to go get offed by his or her or “their” –  trusting family “care giver”. If the family and friends get depressed because of this, they can elect to off themselves too.  The current government of Canada is most diligent to ensure that they are most inclusive in their citizen-funded suicide offerings.  

Imagine just a few things a child goes through, especially with puberty. We are often told that this is a difficult time and that is why the trans community continually pushes the evil puberty blockers. Children’s minds alter and they become more emotional. The left knows this and wants to take advantage of it. How many of us don’t know a child that has screamed at the slightest adversity, that will easily be overcome in time, that they want to kill themselves? It might be failing an exam or the breakdown of a relationship, or cyber bullying or even physical bullying that causes the outburst. A doctor might now take that as an opportunity to push for euthanasia.   Governments control the doctors and other medical workers in Canada with an iron fist in some provinces.  

Children are also filled with fear by what is going on in the World. Wars are never ending and the plight of humanity is tenuous. We are constantly told that the World is on fire due to climate change and that the future is uncertain unless we completely change our way of life and give up our freedoms. This continual pushing of fear has an impact on the young. The rates of depression in children and young adults have risen sharply in recent years. Has that been, in part, by design by world elites, scaring us into submission and encouraging, especially young people, to choose death? Is the never ending push of fear down our throats the key 5th Generation Warfare against a country’s own citizens?

Very concerningly, social media plays its part. Social media is the source of much manipulation for children and youth. We have seen the social contagion, fed via social platforms, that has led many children to consider alternative genders. Social media is also playing a role in child euthanasia.  For example, one evil and disgusting video doing the rounds on YouTube for kids, has the title “Its OK to Pass Away” has a costumed children’s character singing that “Its OK to pass away today, its OK to pass away. They’ll put you in an urn or they’ll put you in a grave, either way for certain, its gunna happen someday.”  They are coming after your kids via social media. They are indoctrinating your children to accept suicide and euthanasia in the school systems and medical systems citizens pay for with people citizens supposedly elected to represent their wishes and beliefs.  This is nothing less than perverse.

At this stage we should maybe draw comparisons to eugenics, the practice of improving our species by selective breeding and by removing disease, disability and undesirable human traits. Eugenics was something that the Nazi’s practiced in their desire for the perfect Aryan human. By killing children who suffer from depression, disease, disabilities or poverty are governments and the Global Elites attempting to improve the human stock, albeit at far fewer numbers? Are they the new Nazis?

One of the progressive left’s favored topics of the day is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Will a doctor soon be telling a white child that there are too many white kids about and that it means that there is an imbalance in the quotas? Will the doctor suggest euthanasia? That may sound far-fetched but just ten years ago, euthanizing someone just because they were poor would have sounded ridiculous and yet, today, it is happening. 

We have the prospect of the WHO Pandemic Treaty coming into force sometime in 2024. That treaty is expected to provide the Secretary General of the WHO to decide what constitutes a “public health emergency”. In this ultraliberal, and beyond Marxist, organization could a “public health emergency” include childhood poverty because of the health risks associated with it? If so, will the United Nations and the World Health Organization start euthanasia programs for poor children? Again, stranger things have happened in recent years. Just think about the WHO pushed Covid vaccine that has killed millions and caused untold numbers of miscarriages and still births worldwide.

Our children are under attack. Governments, the UN/WEF partnership and Global Elites are gunning for them. They want more resources for themselves. They want the human race to plummet in numbers as technology renders the working class “useless”. They are not benevolent. They are demons. 

We will all rise up against this evil.  Each and every one of us – the masses –the Commons. We The People, are rising up one at a time.   We are 100, then 10,000, then 100 million, and all the increments up to eight billion.  And our Faith and our joining hands and hearts are exactly what will allow us to save our children.  And we will not ever give up, and when one falls, the other steps in and onto the Front Lines for our future.  

Our Future, Our Children, nothing is more important.  Help us, help them.  Please.

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