Children are being harmed in massive numbers.

Here are the facts.

The state of the world in general leaves much to be desired. 

The biggest secret of modern Humanity is also our collective biggest failure, our collective worst action against all that is Creation, Compassion and Love. For those who perpetrate neglect. exploitation, abuse, torture and murder of children and youth are indeed behaving heinously. At the same time, those decent people, who stand by, and turn a blind eye are perhaps even more guilty.   To have the wherewithal to know something is very wrong, the resources to become more aware, share information and help – even in some small way  – and yet to turn away, and continue down your road to self fulfillment, is perhaps even worse.   

Child and youth protection is failing, in the world, in America, in your state, in your town or city, and perhaps even in your own home. This is not to say that good parents and family members are willingly allowing risks into their children and youths lives, but that the risks today are so all encompassing, omnipresent and often invisible, that even the most aware and informed are often duped by various –  formal and informal –  stealth forces operating in society.   
Risks to children and youth today are increasingly multifold and complex and range from health issues such as lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyles  and poor quality foods, to providing the medical industry with humans as commodities for experimentation and profit, all the way down to the hellish realms of capture, torture and murder.  The deeper realms of horrors against the flesh and blood of our future, gets into things unimaginable and for decades unbelievable, spoken about only rarely and in whispers.  Well those days are gone, the Light is upon things, and all bets are off.  
OCOC works hard to bring our readers and viewers evidenced-based truth, seen in the stark light of day.  For truth cannot be buffered, nor candy coated, for then it is no longer true.  We thank you for having the courage and the elevation of heart and mind to be witness.  Allow yourself to see and to feel and to arise in embers of anger peacefully and intelligently and respond to these atrocities with the dignity and strength each and every soul born onto Earth deserves.  
The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) offers a great scope of the multifaceted issues that involve child trafficking. This cite contains great definitions on the types of child traffic, signs of child trafficking and its effects on children.
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The REAL Documentary that Exposes the Horror of Child Sex Trafficking.
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