Where and when are crimes agains children happening?

When we know where to look, we can stop it

We need a million eyes out there.

Child harm happens everywhere and all the time, day in, day out, in all 50 American states and in all countries globally.

The very slightest neglect to children happens at some points in all our own lives, as no one is perfect.  At the other end of the spectrum child capture, torture and murder also happen all over the world, all the time.  Some people reading this will indeed have experienced crimes against children and young people.  

The extent and commonality of crimes against children and youth is as large as the world itself and far more common than one would imagine.  Insiders have reported that the numbers of people who enact crimes against children and young people within celebrities in Hollywood, for example, is very much beyond half, and even beyond three quarters. 

Many times children are harmed within the governmental systems developed to protect and serve them.  Foster homes, orphanages, residential schools, workplaces too, and even churches and other religious institutions are not immune.  Within the new Woke culture, regular schools and medical systems are also harming children, as are indoctrinated friends, family and neighbors.  

Much of the harm is government institution-involved, either directly or by turning a blind eye -and with the partnerships of very rich and powerful people.  It is an ongoing system.  International NGOs have been involved in harming children also.  Any person and any organization can become compromised.  One need to remember this fact.  Local levels of corruption are also rampant, again across the country and in many other countries at the local level too.  

All parents and guardians – and older brothers and sisters too – need keep a look out as to where and when children are at risk.  It is a different place than before, this world is now, and going through a turbulent time, so make sure you keep abreast of what is happening.

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