RED FLAGS to look for

“Don't talk to strangers” is simply not enough

We are putting together a guide for what to look out for.

keep your eyes peeled.

Educating children and young adults on how to spot and act in dangerous situations is crucial. Arm yourself with the best tips and tricks to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  Each week OCOC will present new content as, sadly, there are many risks and many red flags.  Keep an eye out for new information.  OCOC is asking its Members to please help build our RED FLAG HANDBOOK.

This week,  learn how to spot potential predators and how to act when kidnapped.

Five Ways Parents Can Deter Predators
We often refer to the saying “never get between a mother bear and her cubs” – and that is the reaction we want potential predators to take away with them if they should ever cross our path.
Tips to help protect children from sexual predators
Protecting children from sexual predators is vital and it is everyone’s responsibility.
Be the hero our children need!


Help us and be a champion for our children’s future.