Death of the Pursuit of Happiness

By GREG TAYLOR with Mary Otto-Chang HBA, MES, PhD (Candidate)

New Human Rights Laws Further America’s Degeneration

The International Committee of Jurists (ICJ), a group closely aligned and influential to the United Nations Office of the High Commission for Human Rights (UNOHCHR), released a report on 8th March 2023, “Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty”. This was published because of their concerns regarding the infringement on the human rights of individuals and the application of criminal law to control conduct  associated with: “Sexual and reproductive health and rights, including termination of pregnancy; Consensual sexual activities, including in contexts such as sex outside marriage, same-sex sexual relations, adolescent sexual activity and sex work; Gender identity and gender expression; HIV non-disclosure, exposure or transmission; Drug use and the possession of drugs for personal use; and Homelessness and poverty.”[1]

Let us begin with a journey of the influence of this document.    The main author of the March 8 Principles is Judge Edwin Cameron, who is an HIV positive spokesperson, and thus one would assume, that he would indeed be at least aware of the potential physical health risks of loosening the age of sexual consent to the point of inexistence, not to mention the other horrendous dangers to which this article is devoted.  

The ICJ is a powerful group that should not be underestimated.  They have a rich history starting backed by the CIA since 1952. The donors to the ICJ are the European Union, the United Nations and countries including the USA, UK, Germany & France. Other donors are NGO’s and international foundations including George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. These mainstream and influential donors provide Their executive members include a former president of the European Court of Human Rights, the first woman appointed to the High Court of New Zealand, the current Vice-Chair of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and a former Chair of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

This 8 March paper from the ICJ has been long planned. In 2018, the UN on the Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAID), the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the ICJ convened an expert meeting on the subject matter that would lead to the ICJ principles. The ICJ represents an orchestrated and highly coordinated – thus quite dangerous – Globalist elite approach to human rights.


The ICJ and the UN are partners in crimes against the communities where their manipulation takes hold. They are our adversaries at least, and they must be treated as such.


The close association with the United Nations is expressed in their paper, where they explain:

Human rights are essential for a functioning society. It is the mortar to the masonry of life. Yet, taken too far and one person’s human rights is another person’s shackles. The balance of the application of human rights is where so often the idealogues fail.  In the case of the ICJ, that becomes evident as they explain that criminal laws “are often the legacy of colonial, xenophobic, racist, sexist, classist, ableist, cultural, religious, social, political, economic and other power dynamics.”. Their view is that these “often detrimentally affect persons belonging to already marginalized or disadvantaged groups.” Make no mistake, what the ICJ says is pure Critical Social Justice.[1] Their targets are the American way of life. The bullseye is your children. This is about empowering those who cannot function in a polite, sane, wholesome and decent society that criminalizes their degeneracy.  Instead, they advocate for culturally perverted Neo-Marxism in a legal framework where the issue is not to do with human rights; the issue is always revolution, and in this case that means Krazy Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revolution. [2]

The ICJ, being legal scholars, are careful not to grossly and overtly demonstrate their extremism. They do not say change laws instead they encourage legislators to review existing laws and bring them in line with the international guidelines for human rights that they write which mitigate criminal punishments for degenerate behavior. They encourage the media to affirm extreme behavior and label those who question them as far-right. They call on prosecutors to consider the context of human rights as they apply to marginalized individuals, and they ask judges to apply punishment in line with an understanding of the disadvantaged position of the defendant. They want no charges brought or where they are brought against moral offenses they want no penalties, and they want no social stigma for the most egregious and extreme behaviors.  This is not hard-core lobbying, but rather silk-tongued, soft-kill persuasion.

Taking a closer look at the principles outlined in the 8 March paper, we can understand more of what this elite and far left group think is fair for normal society. Items 1 to 6, contained in Part I of the Principles, address the interpretation of general legal principles. It is as we move into Part II that things become clearer, as to what the ICJ wants the world’s legal systems to adopt.

This first offering is “Principle 7 – Human Rights Restrictions on Criminal Law”. Criminal laws must be limited and restricted, so as not to impair the human rights of individuals and criminal law must be continually reviewed in that light and criminal law may only be applied as a last resort. The intention is to make human rights primary to criminal law. Whilst sounding noble, this will create a bureaucratic nightmare that will be overseen by, if current government workers are anything to go by, left leaning individuals who will wish to side with the marginalized offenders in society.  It is actually a get out of jail free card.

In Part III, we move into the specifics of the conduct that is to be addressed with a lens of human rights affirmation for the disadvantaged individuals such as pedophiles. “Principle 14 – Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights” and “Principle – 15 Abortion” look to the rights of the individual for their sexual health. However, no rights are offered to the unborn child. They state that “Abortion must be taken entirely out of the purview of the criminal law”. That includes medical – or other – providers involved in any way with the process. The rights of the unborn are not to be considered according to the heartless ICJ, irrespective of the point of gestation without even an afterthought for the beating heart of the developing child. 

Principle 16 removes protection of children from pedophiles – Consensual Sexual Conduct affirms that consensual sexual conduct may not be criminalized irrespective of who is involved including adults and children. Chillingly, they state that “With respect to the enforcement of criminal law, any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner.” Further, they want the criminality of underaged sexual conduct to be considered in the context of consent and the “capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about to engage in consensual sexual conduct.” No age restrictions whatsoever are offered by the ICJ. This is a green light for pedophilia or Minor Attracted Adults as the left wish us to consider them. Whatever the term of the predator, this is child sexual abuse. No adult should be allowed to engage in sexual conduct with a minor irrespective of consent or capacity.

Consent, according to a regular dictionary definition, is “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.” This is overly broad and with the undue influence of an adult, a child can be persuaded into a consensual act. The other aspect required according to the ICJ is “capacity”. This is a question of the child’s ability to understand what is happening. In the internet age, and a time when children are subject to grooming and sexual abuse in schools in the form of pornography and instruction to explore their gender and sexuality, understanding what sexual conduct is will not be a high bar.

The ICJ is providing a road map to child sex predators. Well before a child can vote, consent to a tattoo in many states, or enter into a legal contract they, according to the ICJ, they are available to pedophiles for consensual sexual acts.  Again, these are the finest international legal minds, including a member of the executive who is a former Chair of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. Your child, and their innocence, are the target of these despicable commissioners and the decrepit UN that supports them.  They know full well what they are doing.

With “Principle 20 – Drug Use and Possession, Purchase, or Cultivation of Drugs for Personal Use” the ICJ wishes to place the human right to consume, grow, possess or distribute equipment or information about drugs above any criminal statute. The ICJ wants a free-range drug-land for all, and ignores the human rights of those impacted by criminal gangs and individuals that sell and distribute drugs. The ICJ cares little for the impact that drug use has on the wider community. Your child is a commodity to them.

The last offering from the ICJ, “Principle 21 – Life Sustaining Activities in Public Spaces and Conduct Associated with Homelessness and Poverty” protects the human rights of beggars, panhandlers, touts, hustlers and hawkers of informal commercial items.  It is a risky recipe for harassment of normal citizens. The ICJ also seeks to place the human rights of individuals above criminal liability for “life-sustaining activities in public places, such as … urinating and defecating, … in public places”. The ICJ cares little about civil conduct.

Anthropologists are always proclaiming the amazing adaptability of Humanity.  As such, please see below.  This is the San Francisco Poop Map.[1] It is interactive.  So now, when you wish to walk with your family, you will know where – and where not – to step.

Is the observance of human rights an essential aspect of life, or a race to total societal collapse? Where one party has greater rights than others, particularly a perverse, antihuman minority, then the imbalance will imperil society. The UN, ICJ and Globalist partners intend to firmly put their weight on creating this imbalance.

Make no mistake, the ICJ is not a fringe group calling for something that will not be adopted by Globalists and their acolytes. Their hopeful audience is wide.  The majority of their readers feed from the same public sector trough as do the authors and supporters of this heinous document. Their audience is the red-carpeted, who’s who, of the so-called elites.

This set of “Principles” is the best shot the Ivory Tower elites have to offer.  All those gravy train feeding international civil servants, diplomats and fancy trilingual lawyers, paid by American tax payers, this is what they do?  This is how they spend their days? 

Yes, it is actually; and they have no problem at all with it, nor do they care what you think.  After all, you are just an average citizen, while they hold turquoise Diplomatic passports. Leaving the office at the United Nations or European Union at six sharp, they go home to their condos, pedigreed cats, and pasta primavera, happy with their tax-free, 400-dollar-a-day contribution to society, while they plan another holiday of their six-week vacation time, as their crystal goblet of pinot noir slowly warms in their delicate hands. Meanwhile, you head to your second or third job, trying to feed your children, in this face of inflation.

The ICJ 8th March Principles are what the United Nations and Elites want to be implemented throughout the World, but for you only. They won’t be part of it.  It is for “you”- the lessers, not “us”, the greaters, they think quietly, while writing their 200-page, nobody-will-ever-read-anyhow, crispy-dry tomes about equality.  Global elites want, and need society, to decay and for people to place their blind fears – for their own (unseen government threatened) safety and security – above their personal rights. As rights are given away, an opportunity arises for evil in society. Only in that manner can the Techno-Neo-Marxist Totalitarian mix up revolution hope to gain total control, and only then can their cyborg-rich New World Order ascend the throne of the World.

As a working tax paying citizen, you paid for this -with your tax dollars.  Your dollars make up the collective billions a year of American donations to various wings and programs of the UN, not to mention funding the gluttonous salaries and expense of bureaucrats in the UN. Are you OK with that?  Will you keep paying for this?

We must protect our children. Defund the United Nations. We must protect our societies. We must defund the United Nations and fling them, their partners and Neo-Marxist agendas far, far away to Hell’s ashes, along with their multi-degreed Transhumanist imbecilic advisors, pimps and whores. We must demand our elected leaders not to fund or associate with groups such as the ICJ.  We must stifle the Global elite’s path to absolute power.  And we must do that now.

Protect Our Children.


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